Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Bodytrim Jouney: week 9 - 2 months down, 8.4kgs lost (photo update included)

Another good week this week. Actually I was a little bit unwell on Mon and Tues - I think I had a touch of food poisoning or gastro as whatever I was eating was going straight through me which meant that I had to have a couple of bananas during the day. When you become a parent you learn all of this stuff about food that you had never known before as you try to manipulate the consistency and regularity of your kids poo- pears and apples work as a laxative if you are a little bit clogged and bananas are a binder so firm it up when its a bit loose. When I spoke to the nutritionist a few weeks ago she said that you should always put your health first. At the time I was about to get my wisdom tooth out and was worried about the prospect of eating meat with a sore jaw. She said that try to be as compliant as possible but the most important thing is to get nutrition in and to heal. I figured the same goes for illness. Artificial sweeteners can have a laxative effect so I avoid snacks that contained them and turned to bananas to bind things up! The rest of the week I was good. I stopped eating my Lindt chocolate and went back to eating compliant treats. I still managed to lose 0.6kgs this week.

Now that I have hit two months on Bodytrim I thought that it was time to do a photo update...just wait until you see photos. I am so proud of my progress! I still have a little way to go - my tummy still sticks out a bit more than I would like (think I might need to start planking again to get it flat - pre-kids I could do a 3 minute plank. Tried again recently and collapsed in a heap after 30 seconds. I could play the double Caesar card but if I am honest it is more the complete absence of any abdominal exercised in the last 4 years that is the likely culprit). If you are too excited to wait to see the photos scroll down now, otherwise they are after my results for the week.

My results for the week:

Weigh In:
Starting weight: 72.5kgs
Weight after week 1: 69.4kgs
Weight after week 2: 68.7kgs
Weight after week 3: 68.1kgs
Weight after week 4: 67.2kgs
Weight after week 5: 66.7kgs
Weight after week 6: 65.4kgs
Weight after week 7: 65.4kgs
Weight after week 8: 64.7kgs
Weight after week 9: 64.1kgs
Loss in last week = -0.6kgs

Total weight loss: -8.4kgs

Starting waist - 89cm
Waist after week 1: 83cm
Waist after week 2: 80cm
Waist after week 3: 79cm
Waist after week 4: 78cm
Waist after week 5: 76cm
Waist after week 6: 76cm
Waist after week 8: 74.5cm
Waist after week 9: 74.5cm
Loss in last week = 0cm 
Total Loss = -14.5cm

Starting hips - 105cm
Hips after week 1: 102 cm
Hips after week 2: 101.5cm
Hips after week 3: 99cm
Hips after week 4: 99cm
Hips after week 5: 99cm
Hips after week 6: 96.5cm
Hips after week 8: 96.5cm
Hips after week 9: 96cm
Loss in last week = 0cm
Total Loss = -8.5cm

Starting thighs - 57cm
Thighs after week 1: 54cm
Thighs after week 2: 54cm
Thighs after week 3: 53cm
Thighs after week 4: 52cm
Thighs after week 5: 53cm
Thighs after week 6: 50cm
Thighs after week 8: 50cm
Thighs after week 9: 49cm
Loss in last week = -1 cm
Total Loss = -8 cm

Starting arms - 29cm
Arms after week 1: 30cm
Arms after week 2: 30cm
Arms after week 3: 30cm
Arms after week 4: 30cm
Arms after week 5: 29cm
Arms after week 6: 29cm
Arms after week 8: 28.5cm
Arms after week 9: 28cm
Loss in last week = -0.5cm
Total loss = -1cm

Starting chest - 95cm
Chest after week 1: 93cm
Chest after week 2: 90cm
Chest after week 3: 90cm
Chest after week 4: 87cm
Chest after week 5: 87cm
Chest after week 6: 87cm
Chest after week 8: 85cm
Chest after week 9: 85cm
Loss in last week = 0cm
Total Loss = -10cm

Now for the photo update:

Left - before I started on Bodytrim, Right after 2 months, 8.4kgs lost 

Left - before I started on Bodytrim, Right after 2 months

Left - before I started on Bodytrim, Right after 2 months, 8.4kgs lost 

I am really happy to see the progress that I have made. I am especially happy with how my legs are looking! As I said before, I still have way to go, would like to lose more off the tummy but may need to do more exercise to get that flat. I will keep going with my journey until I reach my target of 62kgs then will assess from there whether I need to continue for a little bit longer or whether I need to do something like Bodysculpt. I'll let you know in 2.1kgs time!

Just thought that I would let you know that there are two new bars that have just been released in the Bodyytrim snack range - Choc Cherry and Choc Coconut (I have reviewed the rest of the snack range here if you missed it). I ate the cherry one before photographing it...sorry! But, it was my favourite - not quite as delicious as a cherry ripe bar but it definitely feels like a treat when you are eating it. The coconut one is nice too, though a little dry. Well, it is probably actually similar texture to the other bars I think I might have been hoping for a Bounty! I think the cherry bar has now over taken mint as my favourite. Coconut ranks ahead of choc fudge and on par with caramel.

Choc coconut protein bar

Bodytrim are giving away a months supply of the new bars on their Facebook page so check out their page if you want a chance of winning: The comp closes on Tues 20th August so don't leave it too long.

Next week it is hubby's birthday on Sunday so I am not expecting it to be a good week for me. Now that he understand the concept of them, The Crazy Kid is really into birthdays and so it is a lot of fun making a fuss about them. On Friday we will be baking Daddy some spider cupcakes and catching the bus to his work in Manly to give them to him. Whilst there, we will probably have some fish and chips on the beach. Then on Sunday the family will get together to celebrate. To complete the hat trick, we will probably squeeze a celebration in with our friends on the Saturday. No one is going to appreciate meat cakes so I plan on enjoying the weekend and then getting back to business once it is over. I would love to drop even just 200g to take me below 64kgs and therefore below the weight I was when I fell pregnant with Crazy but I suspect that, after 3 days of cake, I will most likely gain a little bit. Depending on how much or if I gain, I may follow next weekends cake fest with the carb detox again but if I manage to maintain my weight I will just continue as I have been. 

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