Thursday, 29 August 2013

Illamasqua The Sacred Hour Collection

I lay down my body in surrender to the elements. 
My spirit soars, wiser than before. A raw force of nature. 
Yet I conquer. 
Stronger. I arise victorious. 
I am the dawn spirit. 
A am the dusk warrior. 
This is the universe. 
I am magic. 
Welcome to the sacred hour.

Tonight I attended the launch of Illamasqua's new collection - The Sacred Hour. This collection has been described as much more wearable than the Paranormal Collection; though, I personally prefer Paranormal. I love colour, so the Paranormal Palette was right up my alley. However, if your go to look is the smokey eye then you are going to fall head over heels in love with the New Reflection Palette ($53.00). If you already have the Paranormal palette then apparently this one will compliment it beautifully as they shadows are similar texture so will blend easily together and can be used to darken up some of the bright Paranormal colours or to tone them down or even just to create completely different looks (the purple in Paranormal would look amazing with the New Reflections palette).

The colours:
Precipice - soft lemon
Acute - ash taupe
Graphica - graphite grey
Dart - toasted bronze

I loved how shimmery this palette is. It has the same texture as the Paranormal Palette - kind of squidgy, not quite liquid but dries as a silky powder. If anything, the consistency of this palette is even better than the Paranormal - I find if I use a brush with Paranormal sometimes  get chunks or flakes come off,but this seems much silkier and more refined (though, please note that I don't own this palette - I just played with it at the launch - perhaps I was just being less rough and more considerate because it wasn't my own!). I swatched these colours on my arm but forgot to photograph it and my jumper rubbed it off before I got home. Acute, Graphica and Dart apply quite darkly (not as darkly as on my fingers but it is easily to build up colour). Precipice is much subtler - a very pale shimmer perfect for highlighting.

There are two nail polishes in the collection - Hemlock (left) - pale opal green and Facet which is a grey crystal (right). I received a sample of Hemlock which I will swatch shortly. Facet looks amazing on - very unique. These are $34.00 each.

The range also contains  set of the most amazing lashes. All of the Illamasqua girls were wearing them and they look amazing - super dramatic and completely unnatural! I have never ever tried falsies before but I kinda wanna give them a try...just need to go somewhere fancy! I was talking to the Illamsqua makeup artist and she was saying that they are such good quality you will get heaps of uses out of them. She got 12 uses out of her first pair but then accidentally glued them to her bathroom counter after a big night out and the ripped in half when she tried to remove them. They come with their own glue which is apparently amazing. They retail for $22.00 a pair.

There are two new blushes - Velvet Blush in Peaked - dusky rose (left) and Sleek - dusky coral (right) and they have the similar kind of liquid kind of powder texture of the eye shadows. Illamasqua actually recommended that you apply these with your fingers rather than a brush. They are highly pigmented and are water resistant and we were told that they also make a great lip stain. I have confession: I don't actually own a blush. Blush has always kind of scared me so I have just stuck to bronzer in summer and nothing in winter. In the photo below I am wearing Peaked and I love it. I love that I can apply it with my fingers. It dries like a powder so isn't like your typical cream blush. I think that I am going to pop my blush cherry and get one (or both!) of these. Its my birthday in a couple of weeks so might have to add these to my wish list! The Velvet Blushes are $28.00 each.

Also in the collection, but not photographed is a lipstick - Shard, which is a red velvet (not what I am wearing below - that is Lancome Rouge in Love). I swear I photographed it but its not there...must have gotten distracted. It appears to be quite a wearable colour - a nice, brightish, pinky purply, redy colour! It is $39.00.

As well, there is the Skin Base lift - a set of concealers in White Light, Light 1& 2, Medium 1 & 2 and Dark 1 & 2. I received a sample of White Light which is to be used for contouring. Below I am wearing one of the other ones...forgot to ask which colour. I have never really liked to wear concealer under my eye as I think it makes it look all wrinkly. Maybe I just haven't learnt how to primer the area properly. Unfortunately, I found that this concealer did the same - it accentuated my wrinkles. It was applied by the makeup artist and I wasn't wearing any foundation or primer so that might have been my problem. If you love concealers you should probably head into a store to try this one as the makeup artists were raving - saying that in blends seamlessly, is long lasting, and  very natural looking - rather than take my review on board because i really don't know how to use them properly! Anyway, they are $24.00 each.

In the photos below I am wearing the Velvet Blusher in Peaked on my cheeks and my eyes were done with the New Reflection palette. I mentioned that I never do smokey eyes so she did a much subtler/lighter version for me using mostly Precipice and Dart but you could obviously get it much smokier with the darker colours.

The Sacred Hour Collection will be available from Myer counters in Australia from 1st September. If you are heading into Sydney on Thursday 5th September for the Vogue Fashion Night Out, Illamasqua have an awesome deal: buy any two products from The Sacred Hour collection and receive a free surprise product.

What are your thoughts on The Sacred Hour? Will you be bolting to Myer to get your hands on it or are you with me in Team Paranormal?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. All makeup in this post was tested at the launch and I do not own; however, I have been provided wth a nail varnish and skin base lif for consideration.