Sunday, 4 August 2013

Glam Blue Cheetah Nail Wraps

I am seriously obsessed with nail stickers at the moment. I think that it comes from the fact that I am seriously obsessed with nail art but am not too good at it, so this is a quick an easy way to achieve funky nail art, without any talent required! I have actually ordered about 15 packets from Sephora when they were on sale that my American friend will bring back for me next month so prepare to be bombarded with nail sticker posts!

The latest one that I have taken for a test drive is the Glam Blue Cheetah Nail Wraps. I am not a huge fan of animal print; however, I find animal print in non natural colours kind of cool (don't ask me to explain my rules, just go along with them!).

I thought the Glam Blue Cheetah Nail Wraps looked really funky on. I had a little bit of trouble getting them completely flat against my nails - I have quite curved nails and, when I applied the stickers, it left a little ridge bubble along the middle of my nail. It was noticeable to me bit not to others. Other than that, they lasted really well. I wore them for 9 days before removing them. They chipped a tiny bit around where the ridge bubble was but other than that they did not budge, fade or even really degrade.

The whole manicure took about 10 minutes to apply; and, it is completely mess free. This is a huge plus for me with two little kids running around. I usually reserve my manicures for a Friday night, after the kids have gone to bed but I can actually do something like this when they are around.

The pack comes with 40 nail strips in two designs with various sizes to choose from.

You just select a sticker that is closest in size to your nail then stick it down, not worrying about the excess over hanging at the end.

Then, simply file off the excess with the included nail file and your manicure is done.

I went slightly too large with my pinky sticker

The Glam Blue Cheetah Nail Wraps and other nail wraps in the range are $9.99 per pack and can be purchased from Priceline stores and selected chemists.

What are your thoughts on nail stickers? Do you love them or are they not your cup of tea?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. These nail stickers were provided for consideration.