Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Antipodean Beauties - Glitter

I have been a glitter addict for as long as I can remember. In my younger days I would go out wearing a sequinned top with glitter smear all over my boobs, shoulders and temples. These days I have toned down my glitter levels although it was recently confirmed that I still have glitter flowing through my veins (or my uterus at least). In the minutes after The Crazy Kid was born I was studying his beautiful face when I noticed a speck of glitter on it. In the lead up to his birth I had been have a lot of baths with Lush ballistics and they are notorious for being packed full of glitter. Had The Crazy Kid come out the vajayjay then the glitter could have been explain - a stray piece that had got caught in the nether regions from one of these baths. However, I ended up having an emergency Caesar with Crazy; therefore, the only logical (and scientific) explanation for this is that I must have glitter flowing through my veins and this passed through the placenta, into the amniotic fluid where it then stuck to his face!

These days I mostly wear glitter on the nails so I decided to do a super glittery mani. I used Chanel Graphite as my undie (under colour) and initially just topped it with OPI Servin Up Sparkle but felt that it wasn't glittery enouh for a glitter challenge so then added a layer of OPI When Monkeys Fly. I have to admit that I am rather in love with this mani and spend large portions of my day staring at my sparkly nails!

Out of focus to show super sparkles

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