Friday, 30 August 2013

A super quick, super easy, super tasty treat you can make Dad for Fathers Day

[Dad, if you are reading my blog right now, please stop and come back on Sunday otherwise you will ruin your surprise]

They say that there are only two certainties in life - death and taxes; well I have two more. Every year, without fail, hubby receives one of those giant 400g Toblerones for Fathers Day and my Dad gets some ginger of some sort. This year I  have spiced things up and have made hubby and Dad home made treats instead

I discovered this recipe for 5 minute fudge on Where's My Glow (here is the original post) and it is so bloody simple, it's not funny! Well, I actually screwed it up the first time I made it because I didn't follow the directions properly but second time around I nailed it!

All you need is two blocks of chocolate (around 200g each - so around 400g in total) and 1 tin of condensed milk. I made two batches - one with Coles Dark Belgium chocolate and the other with a 400g Toblerone.

Melt the chocolate (don't allow it to get too hot as chocolate burn easily - I melted it in a double boiler but you could also do it slowly in the microwave).

Once it has melted, tip the tin of condensed milk into the melted chocolate along with anything else that you might want to add and then stir like crazy until it has mixed.

You will notice that it starts becoming fudgey almost straight away. Once mixed, tip it in a lamington tin or square cake tin or slice tin or whatever suitable tin you have on hand. I covered my tin with glad wrap first so that the fudge wouldn't stick.

If you want a smooth top, put a piece of glad wrap over and flatten out.

It only takes about an hour or so to set in the fridge - if it feels hard it has set. Then slice it into pieces. It is pretty rich so don't make the pieces too big.

I made two batches today. Sticking with my usual Fathers Day theme, Dad got a dark chocolate one with chunks of ginger throughout and hubby got a Toblerone one. I have to say that the Toblerone one in an absolute stroke of genius - it is out of the world delicious. The giant Toblerones were on sale at Coles for $4.99 each so it worked out cheaper than buying two blocks of chocolate (though I had originally bought two blocks of Cadbury Crunchie chocolate with the plans to make that...might still make that one and give half to hubby and give my father in law a packet with half the Crunchie and half the Toblerone). The possibilities are endless. I am wondering whether I could make a batch with Lindt Lindor chocolate - I think that might be sickeningly rich.

This is a gift that Dad is guaranteed to love!

Do you have any dead easy fool proof recipes? What are you getting Dad for Fathers Day?