Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Winners announced for the HUGE John Frieda Precision Form Colour giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered my HUGE John Frieda giveaway. Some of your hair disaster stories were seriously cringe worthy (and hilarious because they didn't happen to me!). It was bloody tough to choose a winner but these were my two favourite stories:

1. Cranky mum's skunk hair - I just love that in typical teenage style she did not learn from her first mistake and proceeded to screw her hair up twice! Here is her story:

I went through a stage at 14 where I wanted to dye my brown hair blonde , mum refused . So being the sneaky stubborn teen that I was then I decided when mum went to bed that night I would use the dye I had sneakily bought . I thought I was being smart testing it out on my fringe first , I hadn't expected it turn be quite so bleach blonde though & was to scared to do the rest of my hair , the next day mum freaked but to to teach me a lesson I had to keep my hair the way it was . IT was hideous & I spent a week looking like a skunk , of course I hadn't learned any lessons & sneakily tried to dye it back to brown . Yep you guessed it , my hair went green . Thankfully that was the last straw for mum , she dragged me to the salon & they fixed my stuff up . I'm pretty sure I made a few more hair dye disasters during the rest of my teen years but I've blocked those out , Now karma has hit with my very own teen daughter who likes to change her hair colour just as much as I did , sorry mum :) 

2. Michelle V's story about her Emo, choppy patchy purple hair - what I would giv to see a photo of that hair style - it sounds like a disaster!

My worst hair dye disaster would've been when I was going through my 'EMO' phase.
But I wasn't just dressing in black, I was more a hippy-EMO. Think tie-dye flowing dresses, Dr Martens boots, crochet cardi's, etc. Charming yes?!  So of course, I needed a hair style and colour to match.  I opted for a bob style in different lengths, that is, some pieces were longer than the other. I thought it was cool but in hindsight, it probably looked like I'd had my hair cut in the dark!! I then decided to dye it BRIGHT PURPLE with Fudge hair dye! But I left some pieces in my natural hair colour (boring mousy brown!) The look was nothing short of a traffic-stopper (for all the wrong reasons!!!!) Thankfully I am now older and wiser, and my main reason for colouring my hair is to cover greys!!!

Now for the random winners (I use to get these numbers):

23 = sapshu
9 = samantha
11 = Angie B

After dealing out all the colours to the winners above I still had 3 boxes of Extra Light Ash Blonde left over. So, I have conducted a bonus random draw from all of the entrants who selected the Extra Light Ash Blonde. Apologies to all of the other entrants who didn't select this colour but I figured that unless you had quite fair hair you would not want to win this colour. The bonus winner of the blonde pack is:


Congrats to all of the winners. I will try and contact you by email but, for the winners who entered via the Imotiv comment box, I am not sure whether I can access your email so can you please contact me at starran (at) with your postal address.

Just a reminder that even if you didn't win this comp I have another one running - win a L'Occitane gift pack.