Saturday, 13 July 2013

Winner of the L'Occitane giveaway

Sorry...forgot to draw this last night. To busy dyeing my hair bright red (pics to come in an other post).

Thanks to everyone who entered the L'Occitane giveaway. You guys have some pretty awesome dream holidays. Makes me want to travel some more! There were 24 entries and decided that number 18 was the winner.

Who was number 18? Carlie - whose favourite holiday was to Mauritius for her wedding then New York for her honeymoon. That is definitely a holiday that I would have loved to tag along...or is it creepy tojoin someone on their honeymoon??!!

Also, I drew the winners of the John Frieda giveaway on wed but still have not heard from 3 winners and the bonus winner - if you entered that giveaway can you please check here to see if you were a winner and if you see your name there please contact me with your address. Thanks!