Sunday, 28 July 2013

The perfect product for those who love nail art AND have hairy legs

If you are a regular follower of this blog you are probably well aware that I have a bit of a nail art fetish (here are a few of my recent attempts fluoro chequered, nail sprinkles, velvet nails). What you may not be aware is that I have hair legs...or should I say had! Come winter, when I am in long pants all the time, I can't be arsed shaving (much to the annoyance of hubby!).

One of the main reasons that I can't be arsed shaving is that it isn't an easy process for me. Whenever I have a shower I have two little spectators watching what I am doing. They really don't allow me more than a couple of minutes in the sower before they are nagging me to get out 'mummy come sitting room, mummy come toy room, mummy come outside'. The other big problem I have is my terrible eyesight. Obviously, I don't wear my specs in the shower and since my eyes are so bad it means that anything below my boobs is a complete blur. I would get so frustrated when I would shave my legs, get out of the shower, put my glasses back on only to find patches all over my legs where the deforestation has not occurred.

Well, I have just discovered a product that can address both my love of nail and my rather hairy legs - the Schick Quattro razor with free nail art stickers!

Up until this point I have been using a fairly cheap two blade that was most like in need of replacing. The Schick Quattro blew this out of the park. It just took one swipe of the razor to remover every hair in that line - I didn't have to do multiple passes over each section to remove the hair. This meant that I could get the job done really quickly - about a minute per leg. And, even though I couldn't see what I was doing, I just had to rub hands over my legs to know that they were completely smooth (well except for the knees - I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to get every hair off the knees when you shave!). I also managed to do it this quickly completely nick free, so that's an added bonus!

The Schick Quattro has 'two conditioning strips with Acai Berry and Jojoba extracts for ultra moisturisation'. I can't say that I noticed any 'ultra moisturisation' as I always use a shaving cream (the Rose and Tea Tree shaving cream from TriShave) which is super moisturising anyway.

Schick Quattro also claim that the shave is so close that you can skip a day or two. You most definitely can. I pushed it out to a week, not saying my legs were hair free for a week...that's just how long I left it, but they were definitely pretty smooth for the first few days.

The razor has a metal handle with rubber grips and I found this very comfortable to use - I actually much preferred it to the straight plastic handle of the cheapie razor that I had been using.

The kit comes with a razor and blade, one replacement blade, a hanger for the shower (perfect so that I know that the razor is always out of reach from Kiki and The Crazy Kid) as well as 16 nail art stickers (enough for one application with spares to make sure that you can select the perfect size)

The nail art stickers were really easy to apply and looked fantastic on. I started getting chipping after 2 days - although I wasn't treating my nails especially kindly - I went swimming, worked on a BBQ, did a lot of cooking.

The price of the kit is $11.99, which is good value when you consider that nail art stickers often cost $10+ a packet. You can buy 4 pack refills of the blades for $14.49.

Tell me, right now are your legs hairy or smooth??

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. This kit was provided for consideration.