Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sportsgirl Nail Sprinkles

After my less than success first attempt at the textured look of nail caviar (see my BYS caviar post here), I decided to give the look one more chance - this time with the Sportsgirl Nail Sprinkles. Unlike the BYS nail caviar kit, which is sold as a pack with nail polish and a brush, the Sportsgirl Nail Sprinkles are sold on their own. I actually think that this is a good thing as it means that you can choose the polish to go under it (of course, you can do the same with the BYS caviar but when it is all there in a convenient little kit you tend to just use whats given). For the look below I applied one coat of base/top coat, then used my Picture Polish Ozotic polish (a black polish with tiny sparkly bits in it), whilst the polish was still wet I dipped the nail into a little bowl of the sprinkles (I tipped the sprinkles into a slightly larger bowl as it was to hard to get my nail in properly into the pot the sprinkles came in). I did one nail at a time and left them for 5 mins until I tried brushing off the excess sprinkles.

I applied this polish on Saturday night. I was actually going to a baby shower on the Sunday in which I wanted the manicure done for. However, I had The Crazy Kid's swimming lessons in the morning so new I wouldn't be able to get it done on the Sunday. I was really pushing the manicure to the limit not only doing it the night before, but also when I knew that I would be swimming and showering (twice as it turned out).

It actually survived really well. The photos below were taken the morning after. As you can see, there is some slight chipping on the tips an some very slight bald patches but other than that it survived over night.

It didn't fair quite as well with swimming (I was in the pool for about an hour), a few chunks came off but the majority of the beads remained. That is actually super impressive - clearly, a textured manicure is not designed to withstand the stresses of 1 hour of swimming.

The problem I had with the BYS caviar was that the beads started falling off almost immediately with very little effort. This was not the case with the Sportsgirl beads. I think one key factor would have been the polish used to adhere the beads to - I used a very high quality one in Picture Polish, which is fairly chip resistant. I am guessing that the BYS polish probably wouldn't have been as good quality (though correct me if I am wrong - I am not overly familiar with BYS polishes). But the other major difference was that the paint didn't come off the tiny beads - part of the problem with the BYS beads was the paint that coated them came off easily - so, as the beads were falling off they were leaving behind their paint. This wasn't the case with the Sportsgirl beads. When they came off, they came off still completely coated in their paint. And, if anything, they pulled the base polish off before losing their own paint.

If you did this manicure an hour or so before a major event, I am pretty certain that it would remain looking as good as when you first applied it, right until the end of the night (well, unless your major event is a swimming carnival!). I think the most important step to ensure longevity of this look is to use as best quality polish as possible, under the beads. It doesn't have to be an expensive brand but if you have a polish that you know goes days without chipping then that would be perfect. I also applied it quite thickly - more thickly than I would have for a coat of a standard manicure.

Finally, don't apply a topcoat over the beads - it looks shit and ruins the caviar effect. Check out my last photo for an example of what I mean. I did this on one nail and surprisingly that nail didn't survive any longer than the other nails without a topcoat.

This really does look like caviar!

After a top coat was applied - the caviar look is less distinct and way
less cool

Sportsgirl Nail Sprinkles can be purchased from Sportsgirl stores for $7.95 a pot.

What do you think of this look? Are you keen on textured nails?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. The Nail Sprinkles were provided for consideration.