Thursday, 18 July 2013

OPI Pink of Heart Nail Art Pack: 100% of profits donated to National Breast Cancer Foundation

I am not usually one to camp out at department stores when a new product is about to be released. I hear of products selling out in a matter of minutes and it surprises me. I guess I figure that if it sells that well, the company will just release more and more and more so I prefer to wait until either the next present receiving occasion, or until I have read too many good reviews and just can't hold out any longer.

I think I will be making an exception with the OPI Pink of Hearts Nail Art Pack - this looks friggin' awesome! Ok, I have a real weakness for nail polish (my collection is in excess of day I will do a post on it). Though I love experimenting with colour, my favourites always end up being pinks. Then there is my obsession with glitter. Oh how I love glitter! I spent my late teens and early 20's with my boobs, temples, shoulders and back covered in glitter. Now that I have cracked 30, it is no longer appropriate to cover my boobs with glitter (mostly because, after breast feeding two bubs, the milkies now resemble two sad little teabags and I really don't want sparkly attention brought to that!). So, that just leaves sparkly clothes and sparkly nails. That is why this OPI pack is perfect for's pink and sparkly!!

The Pink of Heart Nail Art Pack is $24.95 with 100% of profits to be donated to the National Breast Cancer it isn't really like spending money - it is practically just a donation to charity! The pack contains two polishes - the rainbow glitter polish More Than a Glimmer and the pink Pinking of You. In addition, you also get a free sheet of nail art decals - the breast cancer pink ribbon logo and some tiny crystals.

More Than a Glimmer

Pinking of You

This pack will be on sale at David Jones from 13th September 2013 until sold out. Expect to see me camped out at the Chatswood store that day...fine, my two little friends would object to sitting in front of a store, waiting for it to open so I will prob head up some time that weekend. The 13th is actually nine days before my birthday so I probably should hold out for that present receiving occasion...but I won't! I will tell myself that I am just buying it for the kids to give to me for my birthday...but then, that evening, I will get too impatient to wait and will crack open the pack and take it for a test drive. The kids won't be able to give it to me for my birthday because it is too stingy to give someone used nail polish as a present! So, I guess I will they will have to head back up to the shops to get something else!

Has anyone else got their eyes on this pack?