Monday, 8 July 2013

My Bodytrim Journey: week 3

I had another good week, diet wise, this week. The highlight would have to have been on Sunday when I went to a good friends baby shower. I had decided that Sunday would be my free day as I knew I had this function on. There was the most amazing spread of food there - chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, scones with jam and cream, a chocolate slice, fritatta, sausages, fresh spring rolls...and the list goes on. My old method of approaching such buffet would be try every sweet item, the odd savoury item, then go back for my favourite sweet item and have another 3. Even though I had a free day I wanted to show some restraint so I just chose the one sweet that I wanted the most then only ate the more carb free options such as the sausages, fresh spring rolls and these cucumber slices with a chicken and sour cream mix on top. I was surprised that I didn't feel like I was missing out. I guess, if I am honest with myself, I am not especially keen on scones with jam and cream - the look so nice so I usually always try them only to be reminded that I don't really like jam or cream! I think at these sorts of things I eat for the sake of eating. This time around I ate for hunger, ate sensibly, then had a treat which I really enjoyed.

So, how did I go this week?

Weigh In:
Starting weight: 72.5kgs
Weight after week 1: 69.4kgs
Weight after week 2: 68.7kgs
Weight after week 3: 68.1kgs
Loss in last week = 0.6kgs
Total weight loss: -4.4kgs

Another consistent week. I am actually right on track to reach my target weight by my deadline. I had hoped to lose 10kgs by my birthday - it is now 11 weeks until my birthday and I have 5.6kgs to go so if I keep losing around 500g per week I will reach it (then I might put 1kg back on on my bday because I WILL be having cake that day and probably pizza too!)

Starting waist - 89cm
Waist after week 1: 83cm
Waist after week 2: 80cm
Waist after week 3: 79cm
Loss in last week = -1cm
Total Loss = -10cm

Starting hips - 105cm
Hips after week 1: 102 cm
Hips after week 2: 101.5cm
Hips after week 3: 99cm
Loss in last week = -2.5cm
Total Loss = -6cm

Starting thighs - 57cm
Thighs after week 1: 54cm
Thighs after week 2: 54cm
Thighs after week 3: 53cm
Loss in last week = -1 cm
Total Loss = -4 cm

Starting arms - 29cm
Arms after week 1: 30cm
Arms after week 2: 30cm
Arms after week 3: 30cm
Loss in last week = 0cm
Total gain = 1cm

Starting chest - 95cm
Chest after week 1: 93cm
Chest after week 2: 90cm
Chest after week 3: 90cm

Loss in last week = 0cm
Total Loss = -5cm

Again, I am slowly shrinking. I actually put on a pair of jeans from pre-Kiki pregnancy which I haven't worn since I was about 20 weeks pregnant with her when couldn't do them up any more. I have tried them on multiple times and could do up the button but all this flub overflowed over the top, which looked terrible, so I always took them off again. I tried them on today and they are looser than they have ever been around my legs and there was only minimal flub overflowing out the top (the flub could be disguised with a jumper!). I have a seriously awesome pair of neon purple J Crew jeans that I bought online around Christmas time. I sensibly bought them in my true size at the time and I am noticing them getting looser and looser - I can now take them down without unbuttoning losing weight is a tad bittersweet - soon these jeans will have to be put into retirement. It was a limited edition colour as well. I got them in a size 30 - I guess I will just have to keep searching ebay for an unwanted size 28 pair! (my goal is to get back to a size 10 which is a size 28 waist).

What I ate:

Breakfast is the meal in which I am allow a carb serve - so usually that means you can have a slice of toast, some fruit or cereal (along with a serve of protein). However, Kiki insists on waking in it is still bloody well night time early - usually before 5.30am. Therefore, I HAVE to start the day with a coffee. I tried black coffee but it just isn't for me so the carb serve that I go with is milk in my coffee and then I will have a serve of protein - smoked salmon, left over sausages, left over roast beef with hummus (that was a weird one - I was waiting on my online grocery order to come that arvo so had exhausted every other option!). One day I tried museli with protein powder sprinkled on it - that was feral. I had to eat it with my nose blocked to not get the taste! Perhaps it was the protein power that I got (it was the VitalStrength TotalPlus protein powder in vanilla...I guess I need to keep experimenting with the world of protein powders). I also had a protein shake one morning as I was stretched for time (again, had to slam it down as quick as I could with a blocked nose!). On the one morning that Kiki actually allowed me to sleep in to 6.10am, and I was feeling positively refreshed, I skipped my morning coffee and had peanut butter on toast instead.

Lunch was usually stuff like deli meat or tinned tuna/salmon with salad or left over dinner (meat and vege) or the chicken soup I wrote about in the Carb Detox post. We went on a family picnic on the weekend and I had a breadless hotdog (turned out to only be semi-lame as I still put mustard and tomato sauce!).

Almost always meat and vege or salad. Monday is roast night so I had roast lamb with broccoli, carrot, beans and snow peas. Hubby loves pasta and I make one of the worlds best bologneses in the slow cooker so, instead of depriving him of pasta, he had spag bol whilst I had the mince sauce and added 4 bean mix to bulk it out then sprinkled it with chili flakes so it was more like a chili con carne. The other nights we had baked salmon, grilled chicken, steak - that sort of thing. I had veal schnitzel on Saturday night - I decided the carbs in the crumbs were minimal so it was ok (the thought of grilled veal was completely unappealing).

I have still been relying heavily on the Bodytrim snacks (still haven't reviewed them - sorry). It is just such an easy thing to grab. I make another batch of peanut cookies (recipe on the Bodytrim site), though omitted the artificial sweetener and they still tasted fine. My biggest failing and the reason I found myself 6kgs overweight is my sweet tooth. The carb detox really curbed my sugar addiction so I want to avoid sweetening things as much as possible as I don't want to reignite the sweet cravings. Plus, artificial sweetener is so damn sweet - if I do add it I never follow the recommended amount but add it slowly and taste as I go. For dessert every night I have still be having my choc ricotta cakes.

What I missed
My folks looked after The Crazy Kid and Kiki one afternoon whilst I took the i-lipo treatment for a test drive (review to come). I was late picking them up so got Crazy Maccas on the way home. I wanted one of his chips so badly it wasn't funny. Thankfully, the little turd won't share so temptation was avoided. On Sat night I felt like an apple cider but you are only meant to drink alcohol on your free day so I didn't have it (not having a bottle chilled helped avoid that temptation). Then, on my free day, I didn't feel like it so that was good. I have never been much of an alcohol drinker so don't especially miss it but every now and then I do feel like a glass or 2 of something. When we had our family picnic I made hubby and Crazy hotdog on these delicious looking and smelling and feeling crusty bread rolls. I really could have done with one of those but instead just had my Kransky sausage on its own with mustard and sauce. So, I seem to be controlling temptations so far and am not going crazy yet with what I can't eat. I am aiming to not succumb to temptation until it is driving me near insane.

I have started chewing sugar-free gum again. I hadn't had it for years. I have the Extra whitening one as it tastes like toothpaste so makes me unlikely to want to have extra snacks between my  meals and 3 snacks.

Changes I have noticed
Apart from noticing my clothes are a little looser, one thing I have noticed is that I am less tired and less cranky. I haven't noticed an increase in energy per se, but I used to be in a feral feral mood when the kids got me up before 5.30 and would catch myself being really snappy with them during the day. I have definitely noticed that I am a lot less cranky, which is awesome. Pre-kids I was ALWAYS so perky and bubbly and nearly never cranky and I really hated this change in my personality that I was noticing. Now, even though I am not getting any more sleep, I am starting to feel like my old self again. The kids still press my buttons as only kids can do, but at least now I am only yelling at them when they deserve it (ie when they are being naughty little turds) and not when they are simply annoying me by doing things that all kids do.

Another change I have noticed is that I am thinking about food less. Each time I would park my car I used to dream about which treat I'd get at the servo. I don't do that any more. That's cool!

Diet wise I would say that I was near perfect. I did have a small piece of chocolate - I bought Crazy a Kinder Surprise and for some reason he didn't want the last bite...I think he just wanted to get into his toy. I could not bring myself to throw it away so ate it, enjoyed it, but was not tempted to run back to the servo and buy another 10! 

I was still very non-compliant with exercise, again only doing my 30 minute walk once out of 6 days. I think I might have to start taking the kids for morning walks. The thought of leaving the house for a walk in the dark freezingness is very unappealing but there really isn't any other time that I can fit it in. Next week will be better as Crazy goes back to preschool, which I walk hi to and from - so that is 8km twice a week already. The other days I will just have to get up and walk in the morning...or make hubby get up so I can go over to our complexes gym and use the treadmills.

Well, that is another week down and I am feeling pretty proud of how I am going so far. 

Do you have any tips for fitting exercise in when you have 2 young kids?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. The Bodytrim kit was provided to me for consideration.