Monday, 1 July 2013

My Bodytrim Journey: week 2

I have now been on my Bodytrim journey for two weeks. Whereas the first week it really felt like I was on a diet, this second week it has felt more normal. I am still not craving sugar and am not really feeling like I am missing out (except on Thursday night when I bought The Crazy Kid and hubby chicken schnitzel from our local butcher who only makes THE WORLDS BEST chicken schnitzel; I had grilled spiced chicken breast which was rather lame in comparison!). As you have to have 3 meals and 3 snacks each day on Bodytrim I am not finding myself getting hungry; though it is getting hard to come up with different snack ideas. I have been having a few of the Bodytrim snacks (which I will review later this week) which are a quick and easy and means that I don't have to put too much thought into the whole carbs/protein thing. They are surprisingly tasty for 'diet' snacks although they are quite expensive - I don't mind the expense so much whilst I am in the weight loss phase but once I have reach my target weight and am in the weight maintenance phase I think I will have to put more thought into my snacks.

I was, again, very compliant with the diet; however, I was completely non compliant with the exercise. You are supposed to do a 30 minute walk on top of walking 10,000 steps per day but as it rained all week I only managed the walk once in seven days. It is not really good enough, considering that our apartment complex has a gym so I could have always gone down and used the treadmills. The Crazy Kid tends to go to bed too late in the evening for me to get it done then and hubby is not a morning person so does not get up early enough in the morning to look after the kids so I can go then - I think that I am going to have to start putting myself first, though, and either suck it up and go for a walk at 8.30pm (but there is so much good TV on then...), go earlier in the evening and put Crazy to bed after I get back (he is being a turd at the moment and will only let me put him to bed), or go and wake hubby up early one or two mornings a week so that I can get my exercise in. I have got to stop making excuses and just do it.

My results for the week:

Weigh In:
Starting weight: 72.5kgs
Weight after week 1: 69.4kgs
Weight after week 2: 68.7kgs
Loss in last week = 0.7kgs
Total weight loss: -3.8kgs

Initially I was a little disappointed with the weight loss - after the amazing results last week I was kind of hoping that I'd drop another few kilos and that I'd reach my target much quicker than expected. I then stopped and slapped myself (well, I did in my imagination!) - I'd slipped back into the quick fix mindset that doesn't work. My aim was to lose 0.5kgs/week to reach my target. With a loss of 0.7kgs, I had done better than my aim and so should be proud. Plus, a slow and steady weight loss means that it is more likely to be fat loss, which I want, rather than just water loss.

Starting waist - 89cm
Waist after week 1 - 83cm
Waist after week 2 - 80cm
Loss in last week = -3cm
Total Loss = -9cm

Starting hips - 105cm
Hips after week 1 - 102 cm
Hips after week 2 - 101.5cm
Loss in last week = -0.5cm
Total Loss = -3.5cm

Starting thighs - 57cm
Thighs after week 1 - 54cm
Thighs after week 2 - 54cm
Loss in last week = 0 cm
Total Loss = -3 cm

Starting arms - 29cm
Arms after week 1 - 30cm
Arms after week 2 - 30cm
Loss in last week = 0cm
Total gain = 1cm

Starting chest - 95cm
Chest after week 1 - 93cm
Chest after week 2 - 90cm
Loss in last week = -3cm
Total Loss = -5cm

My lack of exercise this week showed in my measurements, with me only losing cms from waist and boobs (and a tiny amount from hips). Therefore, my aim this week is to do more exercise and keep up with eating well.

To compliment my Bodytrim journey, I also had a Formostar body wrap (which I will explain in much more detail tomorrow) so this may have contributed to my results. The Formostar wrap uses infrared waves that penetrate the skin allowing you to burn up to 1200 calories per session. I weighed myself before and after this session and initially I lost 400g but you sweat a tonne during the wrap so some of the loss was just water. It ended up being about 200g once I had re-hydrated. So, it is likely that I lost 500g on Bodytrim and an addition 200g with the Formostar wrap over the last week.

Well, that is two weeks down. It is getting easier in that this way of eating is becoming a way of life but I do find myself starting to miss certain things a little bit more. For example, I got the kids some banana bread today and usually would have pulled a chunk off for myself, but I didn't. I wanted to, though. However, you do get  free day a week and on my free day last week w got take away pizza for dinners, which was damn good! I even had an apple cider with it (the first non-water, non-black tea, or non-protein shake drink that I have had in a fortnight) which was a nice treat! Now it is just another week until I can be free again!

What would be your meal of choice on your free night?

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All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. The Bodytrim kit was provided to me for consideation.