Thursday, 11 July 2013

BYS Velvet for Nails mani with Smurfs up and Pink Frosting: lovely furry nails!

There is a huge trend in nails, at the moment, for a textured finish. I thought I was on top of all of the different varieties out there but BYS has come and blown my mind with Velvet for nails. Yep, you read that right - furry nails!

This seem like such a unique concept so I had to give it a test drive. As usual, rather than easy my way in with a new techique, I decided to jump right in and attempt some nail art and do vertical stripes.

The BYS Velvet for Nails comes in a kit with a coloured polish, a tub of velvet and a brush to brush away the excess fluff.

I used Pink Frosting and Smurfs Up to create this look.

The first thing you do is paint your nail with the colour provided. You are then supposed to dip your nail in the tub of velvet, whilst the polish is still wet. I found it too hard to fit my fingers in the little tubs so tipped the velvet into some little sauce dishes that I had. I also found it easier to use the brush to scoop up the velvet and push it onto the nail.

As you need to get your nail into the velvet while the polish is still wet, I found it easier to do one nail at a time. For the stripy look below, I actually did it one stripe at a time to ensure the polish was wet enough for the velvet to successfully adhere to. Make sure you apply heaps of velvet so that you don't end up with any bald patches.

If you are using multiple colours, wait about 5 mintues after doing the first colour to ensure that it is completely dry before you do the second colour. This way, it doesn't matter if you get the second colour all over the first colour as it isn't going to stick to it.

After 5 minutes the base polish should be dry and the velvet securely in place so now is the time to brush all of the excess off. If you use two colours, like I have, you will need to brush twice - 5 minutes after the application of each colour.

The final result - lovely furry nails. My nails feel like tennis balls - that kind of texture. It actually looks really effective. It doesn't look like I have applied the velvet but more like I have cut out little pieces of furry material and stuck them to my nails.

The application, whilst fiddly, was surprisingly easy and the final look was quite funky. I think that I could have a lot of fun, mixing and matching the various colours. Or maybe I could use every colour and randomly sprinkle the velvet over the nails to create a 'rainbow just vomited on my nail' kind of look.

BYS Velvet for Nails is available in the following range of bright colours.

The BYS Velvet for Nails kit retails for $7.95 (bargain - so you can afford to get multiple colours!) and can be purchased online from or in tores such as Kmart, Gloss Accessories, Cosmetics Plus or selected pharmacies.

What are your thoughts on the textured nail look?

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