Monday, 24 June 2013

The cleanser I turn to when my skin is being a hormonal bitch

I pretty much never get PMS. I remember it hitting me a bit when puberty first struck but since then I have been fairly free of the mood swings associated with that time of the month. In fact, I didn't really have a concept of what PMS was until I became a hormonal maniac with my first pregnancy.

Whilst I have escaped the emotional turmoil that our monthly friend brings, my skin hasn't been spared the same fate. My skin was pretty much perfect throughout my early to mid 20's but as soon as I went off the pill, to commence the breeding phase of my life, I really noticed the impact hormones have on the state of my skin. Without fail, whenever that time of the month rolls around, with it comes a minimum of three pimples. And, as I am now 32, that is bloody annoying. Therefore, I needed a powerful weapon in my arsenal to tackle said hormonal acne outbreaks. Enter Aspect Purastat 5 Cleanser.

What they say: Because precious skin and dirty dishes have nothing in common. The first and most crucial step in any effective skin care regimen is cleansing, however, it's often the most neglected part - often an afterthought. Take a quick glance at the ingredient listing on your average cleanser and compare it to the ingredient listing on a bottle of dishwashing liquid and you'd be shocked to see the similarities. A lot of thought has been put into the best way of achieving a fresh, clean skin that does no harm, but actually enhances your complexion. Purastat is the result of an extraordinary one-of-a-kind cleansing formula that will exceed your expectations and change the way you think about the simple act of cleansing your face forever. Benefits:
  • Purifies by removing imbedded dirt, makeup, excess oil and damaging pollutants
  • Renews by gently unplugging congested pores and discouraging imperfections
  • Restores with lactic milk extracts which penetrate and attract moisture into the deepest skin layers increasing skin hydration for up to 4 hours
  • Protects with a botanical coat of armour against pollutants and environmental aggressors
  • Comforts even fragile skins with 7 calming botanical ingredients

What I say: This cleanser is a magic potion! It seriously whips my skin back into shape within a couple of days of using it. As I am constantly reviewing products, I chop and change cleansers all of the time but the Aspect Purastat 5 cleanser is one that I return to time and time again. It is the cleanser I use as soon as my skin is looking anything less than perfect and it is the only one I use around that time of the month.

I find that if I do have blemishes, it helps the clear up within a couple of days, if not sooner. Yet, as powerful as it is, it is surprisingly non drying. My skin never feels tight, stingy, dry or itchy after using it. It just feels completely normal.

Purastat 5 has a nice refreshing lime fragrance. It is not particularly strong so would be well tolerated by most. To match it's fragrance, the cleanser is lime green in colour! The cleanser comes in a huge 240ml bottle so lasts absolutely ages. I only need one pump to do my face and may use a second pump to cleanse my decollage if it is looking a little spotty. The skin there is so sensitive and fragile so this cleanser is so much better to use on the area than a harsh shower gel.

On the bottle it states that Aspect cosmeceutical products are free of parabens, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, mineral oils and are never tested on animals. So you can rest assured that anything that you wouldn't want in a skin care product, isn't in this cleanser. Rather than using the standard harsh SLS to strip oils from the skin, this cleanser uses a unique mix of coconut and sugar to very gently cleanse.

Here is a super quick 37 second video that goes over the benefits of the cleanser and lists the key ingredients.

I love this cleanser and truly believe that if I didn't chop and change products so often and only used this cleanser, I would probably be rid of pimples for good! I am not the only one who thinks this way either - in case you missed it, I had Vanessa guest review it as part of the acne series and it made her rave as well (you can see her review here).

I challenge you to find another cleanser that is this effective whilst being so gentle, and without any nasties in it.

The Aspect Purastat 5 cleanser is RRP $61.50 ans available exclusively from salons. Check here to find one near you. or call 1800 648 851.

Have you discovered your Holy Grail cleanser yet? Does your skin become a hormonal bitch too?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. The cleanser was provided for consideration.