Monday, 24 June 2013

My Bodytrim Journey: Week 1

I have officially completed one week of being on the Bodytrim diet. So, how did I go? Lets get stats out of the way first.

Weigh In:
Starting weight: 72.5kgs
Weight after week 1: 69.4kgs
Total weight loss: -3.1kgs

I weighed myself after the carb detox and had lost 2.5kgs then and so lost an addition 0.6kgs the rest of the week. The majority of weight that is lost during the carb detox is water weight so hopefully after that, some of it also became fat lost.

Starting waist - 89cm
Waist after week 1 - 83cm
Loss = -6cm (whoa!)

Starting hips - 105cm
Hips after week 1 - 102cm
Loss = -3cm

Starting thighs - 57cm
Thighs after week 1 - 54cm
Loss = 3cm

Starting arms - 29cm
Arms after week 1 - 30cm
Gain = 1cm

Starting chest - 95cm
Chest after week 1 - 93cm
Loss = 2cm

I am sorry but here are not any photos this week. It is absolutely freezing in Sydney (I don't think that it got above 12 degrees today) and I just can't bring myself to get into my bikini!

I am ecstatic with my measurements! Especially my waist measurement - dropping 6cm seems like heaps to me. You are actually only meant to measure yourself once a month but I have decided to do it weekly so you can follow the progress. I am not too concerned with the gain in arm size - I am pretty sure all my fat didn't just relocate to the arms! Most likely I muffed up the measurements last week and there has actually been no change (although The Crazy Kid and Kiki are only getting heavier by the day so perhaps all that weight lifting has increased my arm bulk!!). I felt like I had lost weight off my body - mostly my stomach. I have definitely lost some from my face (I am fast returning to owning just one chin!).

How did I find the week

The first three days on Bodytrim were the carb detox. During this phase you can only eat protein. No carbs. No vegetables or fruit. It was bloody, bloody hard. Well day 2 was. This post would have been pages long if I went through the carb detox and my stats and the rest of week 1 all in one post so I wrote the carb detox up as a separate post. If you missed it you can find it here.

After the carb detox I did not crave sugar at all. This really surprised me, considering the size of my sugar (especially chocolate) addiction. I was really craving greens and vegetables. For dinner on the last night of the carb detox we had salmon. The Crazy Kid and Hubby had salad with their salmon. I just had salmon and was so jealous of their salad!

I found the diet much more enjoyable once I could add unlimited veges to my meals. Once I commence the weight loss phase (the phase the follows the carb detox) I was then able to add one serve of complex carbohydrates with breakfast. This could be a piece of toast or cereal or fruit. I was really missing coffee - you are not meant to have dairy during the weight loss phase and I just couldn't bring myself to have black coffee. So, some mornings instead of having carbs with breakfast, I would have a protein breakfast but serve it with a milky coffee.

I have mentioned previously that when I was pregnant with The Crazy Kid I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. When I initially got the diagnosis, my husband and I were devastated - it came as such a shock and we were so worried about our unborn Crazy Kid. Once we realised that my diabetes could be controlled by diet, and I was fully compliant to the diet, it wasn't such a bad thing. The diet was brilliant - it was all about managing your carbs. You were only allowed a certain amount per day (12 carb serves of 15g) so you juggled your food accordingly. For example - a cafe bought muffin contains 75g of carbs which is 5 carb serves - nealry half my daily allowance. It was not worth wasting that much of my daily allowance on one piece of food. However, if I made it to the end of the day and I still had spare carbs left in my allowance then I could have a treat like a magnum (2 carb serve!). I am finding Bodytrim similar. The diabetic diet is designed so that you don't lose weight, but rather only consume the carbs your body actually needs. The weight loss phase of Bodytrim is much more restrictive as you do want to lose weight. I just found it the similar juggling act - if I really needed a milky coffee, then I chose to have my carbs with that rather than a piece of toast. Once you get past the weight loss phase and into the weight maintenance phase you are allowed more carbs.

What I ate

I outlined what I ate on the carb detox phase in this post. For the rest of the week I ate:
Breakfast - omelet with tomato, chili chicken and dill; The Museli (sugar free museli); protein shake
Lunch - chicken and lentil soup (recipe here); left over roast beef and salad; smoked salmon and salad
Dinner - stir fried spicy chicken and steamed veges; BBQ'd spatchcock with veges (no potato); curried sausages
Snacks - tuna; deli meat; peanut butter cookies (Bodytrim recipe with next to no carbs); Bodytrim choc nut delight bites
Dessert snack - I discovered a recipe for choc hazelnut ricotta cakes on the Bodytrim website (you can view the recipe here) and it has been my saviour! All your snacks on Bodytrim are supposed to be protein snacks but, I am sorry, I just cannot bring myself to have ham or tuna for dessert! This cake is perfect. If you do follow the recipe, it doesn't say the quantity of ricotta - I screwed up initially as I couldn't find the brand they suggested so just grabbed another brand which comes in a 300g tub. I was then in Woolies and found the correct brand which actually comes in a 500g tub. When I remade it with the correct volume it was a million times better! Also, I can't stand the taste of artificial sweetener so add as little as possible. I add it by the tablespoon, mix it in and taste as I go and as soon as it is sweet enough I stop.

Free Day
During the weight loss phase you get one free day a week where you are able to eat whatever you want. They advise that you still have a Bodytrim compliant breakfast, protein snacks and then have whatever you want for lunch and dinner. If I was really craving chocolate then this would be the day to have it; however, I didn't as I wasn't missing it so didn't want to reignite my love for it just yet. I was pretty good on this day - I ended up having a salad focaccia for lunch (ordinarily I couldn't have had the focaccia) and for dinner a massaman curry that we cooked in the slow cooker, with rice. I liked having the free day as it meant that we could plan a meal together and not think about how to adjust it to make it suitable for my diet. The funny thing was, I was looking forward to the free day in that I no longer had to be so regimented with what I ate but now, the day after, I am feeling a little bit lost. I had got myself into a routine of what I could and couldn't eat and the free day broke the routine. I'm guessing that is just because it is early days and once I am more used to the program it will become easier to incorporate the free day.

I am pleased to say that I have been about 95% compliant to the diet. One day I missed one of my snacks (you are not meant to go more than 3 waking hours without eating to keep your metabolism firing) and I ate nuts as one of my snacks when you are not meant to (simply because most people don't stick to the correct portion size and over eat them - I weighed them out and put away the packet to avoid temptation!). I haven't been consuming nearly enough water. I am probably up to about 1.5L/day - I need to be at between 2-3L. I am now out of the habit of eating my kids food (though it is still bloody hard not to lick the Nutella knife in the morning!). This is still hard as I hate wasting food and it is seriously frustrating when there is just one mouthful of yoghurt left, one piece of mandarin, a couple of strawberries...

Along with the eating plan, part of the program is to walk 10,000 steps per day plus go for a 30 minute walk. My pedometer isn't working (on day 1 I was so excited to see how many steps I had walked all day and the total was 114 - considering I walked over 8km either I have bloody big strides or it is broken!). On Mondays and Tuesdays I have no problem clocking up my quota as I like to walk Crazy to and from preschool - a 4km round trip twice a day. On Friday I walked a 3km round trip to the post office then did the 4km round trip down to Lane Cove to get some groceries. However, on Wednesday and Thursday I was more sedentary and don't think that I would have reached my quota. I find it hard to go for a walk as Crazy goes to bed around 8.00-8.30pm and I don't want to go after then and Kiki is up between 5.00-5.30 in the morning so there is no way in hell that I am getting up earlier than that! Maybe when summer comes back we could take the kids for a walk after dinner, I just can't bring myself to do it during winter. I suspect that if my progress comes to a halt then i am just going to have to find the time, no matter what.

My biggest fear when deciding to do this journey so publicly was failing publicly - either not losing any weight or being unable to adhere to the diet. As I said before, 'before' photos are only good when they have amazing 'after' photos next to them - I found it quite confronting posting before photos on their own. But, I felt I needed to do so to make my journey honest. I am committed to reviewing this honestly so if I do fall off the wagon I will write about it. I want people, especially people in a similar situation to me, to know what they can realistically expect to achieve on Bodytrim. I am so happy that I have made it through week having being about 95% compliant to the program and to have lost weight and more importantly lost cm's from all over my whole body.

So, that is 1 week and 3.1kgs down - I have another 14 weeks to lose 7.4kg to reach my goal weight of 62kgs by my birthday. At this stage it is looking very achievable.

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What goals are you currently trying to achieve?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. The Bodytrim program was provided for consideration.