Thursday, 27 June 2013

HUGE John Frieda Precision Foam Colour GIVEAWAY: 5 winners and over $400 in prizes!!!

Last year I had the opportunity to review John Frieda Precision Foam Colour (hereif you missed it). At the time, I had just had Kiki so I had a newborn and a 2 1/2 half year old therefore, making it to a salon to get my hair coloured was near impossible. I was in the market for a salon quality home hair dye and that was exactly what the Precision Foam Colour promised. It was also exactly what the Precision Foam Colour promised delivered. It was so easy to do that I managed to dye my own hair whilst both bubs napped and the results were fantastic.

On the 1st of June, 2013 John Frieda expanded their hugely popular range of Precision Foam Colour from 20 to 25. In addition, they have also released a stand alone conditioner to compliment the range - the Intense After-Colour Conditioner, a 150ml bottle of the conditioner that comes in the Precision Foam Colour so that you can maintain the results for much longer.

To celebrate the launch of both of these products I have a MASSIVE giveaway!! Five winners will each win 3 packets of the Precision Foam Colour in the colour/s of their choice (from the 5 new releases) plus a bottle of the conditioner. The the Precision Foam Colour retails at $22.99 and the conditioner at $16.99 so each pack is worth a massive $85.96. The colours you can choose from are:

Blue Black

Dark Red Brown

Extra Light Ash Blonde

Medium Ash Brown

Medium copper brown

How to enter
There are two ways in which you can enter this competition (and you may enter both for more chances):

Hair Dye Disaster - tell me you best hair dye disaster story. Did you botch up a home job or did a hairdresser give you the colour from hell? Or did you simply rock a colour that you thought was awesome but in hindsight was pretty awful (in late high school I may have rocked the Ginger Spice look with the bleached fringe...except that I used Sun In to get the look so really had an orange fringe with my dark brown hair! Super classy!). I will pick two winners based on the stories that amuse me the most (or make me cringe the most!).

Random draw - never had a hair dye disaster? Not to worry. You can also enter just be following me. I will randomly pick 3 winners out of all of the entries using You just need to follow me by either Bloglovin, Facebook, email or Nuffnang X - the choice is yours! (you can find all of the follow buttons to the right)

Please comment below and follow these steps to enter:
1. Tell me how you are following me
2. Please choose up to three colours from the choices above that you would like to win. You don't have to choose three - just make sure that you choose at least one colour as I don't want to send you a colour that you can't use. If you do choose more than one colour, could you also mention whether you are happy to receive a mixed pack (if there are multiple winners who want mixed packs I will try my best to send out a selection of colours but I won't send you colours that you haven't selected).
3. If you have a hair dye disaster story then post it third (after the above two steps). If you don't have any stories then finish your entry at 2.

This competition will run for two weeks and will be drawn at 8.30pm (AEST) on Wednesday 10th July. Winners will be contacted by email (so please make sure that you leave your email when commenting - it will only be visible to me). This competition is only open to Australian residents.

Thanks and Good Luck!! I can't wait to read your stories!!

(just a heads up, once you are done entering this giveaway I have another one running that you may be interested in entering - win a L'Occitane gift pack)