Sunday, 23 June 2013

BYS Caviar for Nails

BYS Caviar for nails are the newest nail art offering from BYS. The glass beads, when applied to the nails give it a funky textural caviar like appearance.

It is super easy to apply. All you do is paint your nail with the base colour then, whilst it is still wet, dip it into the nail polish. I found it easiest to do one nail at a time. Don't worry if the beads appear all clumpy. Wait 5 minutes for it to fully dry then, with the mini brush included, brush off the excess beads. You will then have an even layer of beads.

I wanted to love this. Oh how I wanted to love it. The effect looks spectacular on the nails. However, it just doesn't last. I first took it for a test drive whilst I was in Thailand and within a couple of hours the beads had started to fall off. I applied it at about 4.00pm in the afternoon and by the following morning there was not a single bead left on my nails. I thought that this might have been either due to the high humidity in Thailand or maybe because I didn't apply a top coat (I didn't take one away with me). When I was back in Sydney, I got one of my friends to take it for a test drive for me. She has acrylic nails, applied two coats of the base, did the nails one at a time, left them to dry for about 10 minutes before brushing the beads then applied two coats of top coat and she texted me to say that all beads were gone by that evening.

This would probably be fine if you have an event to go to and want some spectacular statement nails; however, be prepared that the look won't last much longer than the evening.

BYS Caviar for Nails is $7.95 and can be found in KMart, pharmacies and other specialty stores.

Have you had more luck with this type of nail art than me?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. This product was provided for consideration.