Sunday, 21 April 2013

Orly Purple Crush + Be Brave...I'm very much in love

I attended the Maxted Thomas beauty blogger event yesterday and, along with other great brands, the Orly team were there doing manicures. I left the colour choice up to them but just told them I love brights and/or fluoros and I love glitter. They came back with Purple Crush with a Be Brave glitter top coat.

The first step of the manicure was to apply Bonder. This is Orly's hero product. It is a rubberised base coat that grips the nail allowing greater flexibility of the polish so that it doesn't chip as easily and lasts longer. I had actually never heard of this product prior to my manicure but will now be going straight out to buy it I am usually too lazy to bother with a base coat but if it helps the polish to last longer then it is a winner in my books. You can buy it for $19.95 (18ml) or $10.95 (9ml).

Purple Crush is spectacular! It is from Orly's Hot Neon range and is a real neon purple. It hasn't photographed as well as I would have liked - it looks more pink in the photos below but it is a definite neon purple. It takes two coats to become opaque. Man I love this colour!

Be Brave is a glitter top coat with long thin sprinkles of glitter. It is from the Flash Glam range. The sprinkles are hologram so the final result is subtle but super sparkly. The glitter disperses easily - only one coat was used in this mani. I love that it doesn't detract from the base colour but instead enhances it.

I have to say that I am quite in love with both of these colours, especially in combination.

With flash

With flash (out of focus to show sparkles)

No flash, artificial light

No flash, artificial light

More flash, another angle!

No flash, sunlight

No flash, sunlight

Be Brave

Purple Crush

Now I need to have a bit of a rant. The rant isn't directed at Orly but at Priceline. I was chatting with one of the Orly reps and she mentioned that Orly isn't currently widely distributed but that is about to change as it will soon be stocked in all Terry White Chemists. She happened to mention that Orly wasn't stocked in Priceline. Hang on...I had bought Orly at Priceline. In fact, I had bought 2 bottles for $5 and used them in a blog giveaway. She then asked me whether I had heard of the grey market as that is where these polishes would have come from. If you haven't heard the term 'grey market' before, have a read here for an explanation. I wrote a post on the dangers of buying grey market cosmetics - basically they are stock bought from a non-authorised distributor. It may be old stock or could possibly even be fake stock (last year Target got stung buy selling MAC cosmetics sourced from the grey market that turned out to be be fakes - MAC then went on to sue Target for selling fakes).

It really pissed me off to find out that Priceline was selling grey market stock. Most people know that stock from places like StrawberryNet are grey market, and so knowingly and willingly take the risk of buying old or fake stock. However, I suspect that most people would assume that they are purchasing legitimate stock when shopping at Priceline. I know I did. I prefer to pay more and know that I am buying genuine stock than to get a bargain but potentially be buying fakes or old stock. It pisses me off to find out that I have bought off the grey market as I didn't buy the products for myself. They were for a giveaway. That means, at worst I might have potentially given away fake Orly or at best it was probably old stock. Obviously I didn't test the polishes before giving them away so don't know the quality but there is a very good chance that the quality would be sub par. If the recipient hadn't previously used Orly, this could potentially turn them off the brand. I you might be thinking 'well, if you paid two for $5 for Orly then you should expect that they are fakes' but the thought just wouldn't enter my mind when shopping at Priceline. Myers only sell stock that they are the authorised distributor for and they often have products greatly reduced in the bargain bin. I assumed the same was happening at Priceline.

Brands hate the grey market but their reason is not loss of revenue. It is the damage that can be done to their reputations. If people are buying stock that they assume is genuine and fresh and then it doesn't perform as expected, it can really turn them off a brand.

Anyway, that's enough ranting for a Sunday! Orly polishes retail at $18.95 and can be found in Terry White Pharmacies, Salons and Spas. If you are not familiar with Orly then you will be pleased to know that they are 4-free (they do not contain formaldehyde, formalin resin, toluene and DBP - nasties that you don't want on your nails).

Are you hoping that the neon trend goes on forever? I know I am!

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. Be Brave and Purple Crush were provided to me by the Orly Team at the Maxted Thomas Blogger Event for consideration.